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    Episode 243

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    This week its the final hurdle before the Christmas break – expect something for the festive season but I cant promise when. For now, enjoy this banging mix.

    1. Johan Ekman – Bon Voyage [Critical State]
    2. Juventa – Torque [Enhanced]
    3. Cold Blue – Furia [Monster Force]
    4. James Dymond – Painting With Light [Mental Asylumn]
    5. Airzoom – The Wolf [Beyond The Stars]
    6. Ciro Visone – Enemy Mind [Together]
    7. Sunset Heat vs Joe Cormack – Nobody But Her (UDM Remix) [DMax]
    8. Ariams ft Roza – Wanna Cut The Roots (Reiklavik Dark Remix) [Trance All Stars]
    9. Simon Patterson – Whites Of Her Eyes [Perfecto Fluro]
    10. Andy Elliass & ARCZI – Adieu [Entrance Music]
    11. Manida – Canberra Park (Hypaethrame Remix) [Exotic Tunes]
    12. Phablo MB – Nothing Is Forever (Johan Ekman Remix) [Red Zone]
    13. Joseph Fischer – Break In [Redbox]
    14. Hamza Khammessi – Back From Tomorrow (Matt Skyer Remix) [DMax Deep]

    Track 13 is a bit short so I chucked in a nice mashup on the end: Jase Thirlwall & Standerwick vs. Juventa & Kago Pengchi – Superhuman Airborne (Michael McBurnie Mashup) [CDR]… Read the rest

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    Episode 242

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    Hot of the presses, here’s the latest and late episode, damn those Xmas parties. Still some good trance this week from Will Atkinson, Sean Tyas, Allen Watts and Darren Porter.

    1. Joer Van Ray – Yekaterinburg (Hypaethrame Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
    2. Will Atkinson – Sharpshooter (Subculture)
    3. Onova – Aurora [WAO138]
    4. Ark Planet – Distant [Suanda]
    5. Lightning vs Waveband – Awakening [AEZ]
    6. Andrea Ribeca – Through The Blue (Riialto Remix) [Milk]
    7. Imida – Not Afraid of the Roller Coaster (Carlos Martz Acid Remix) [TFB]
    8. Reorder & Sue McLaren – Hands of Time (Andres Sanchez Remix) [Subculture]
    9. Allen Watts & Mike Van Fabio – Velvet Blue [Edge EDM]
    10. Nomination & Bbsound ft Anthya – Save My Tears (Outside The Bounds Remix) [Vendare]
    11. Allen Watts – Fallen (Force Multipliers Remix) [Defcon]
    12. Sean Tyas – Try To Hold On [CDR]
    13. Nuaro – Falling Star (Ikerya Project Remix) [AEZ]
    14. Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle – Neptune’s Siren (Neos & TrancEye Remix) [CDR]
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    Episode 241

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    Today is a bit of an emotional roller coaster so this weeks episode is dedicated to those who aren’t here anymore to enjoy the music by our sides.

    1. Matt Chowski – Like A Breath [Together Records]
    2. Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element [Pharmacy]
    3. Kristy Jay – Recollections [Crystal Clouds]
    4. Lange & Susana – Risk Worth Taking (Adam Ellis Remix) [Lange Recordings]
    5. Tangle – Another Day [Tangled Audio]
    6. Sky Vol – Brazil (Tuomas L Remix) [Redux]
    7. Sylvermay – Noor (Ikerya Project Remix) [Abora]
    8. Myde – Canvas [Redux]
    9. Allen & Envy with Linnea Schossow – Unseparated [Vandit]
    10. Steven Brooks – The Venture [Critical State]
    11. Angelique – Being (Cold Rush Remix) [Above All Records]
    12. M3R-T – Breathtaking (DreamLifter Remix) [Trancer Recordings]
    13. Ian Buff – Into Pieces [Connective Sounds]
    14. Ben Nicky & Standerwick – Drop [WAO138]
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