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    Episode 265

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    Showcasing some new talent this week, few double ups too.

    1. Technikal – Sherbert Supernova [Tidy Two]
    2. Enigma – Close Encounter [Beyond Belief]
    3. Warren K – Silver Sands (Mohamed Hahis Driving Take Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
    4. NX Trance – Xevoice [Defcon]
    5. Technikal – Mind Trix [Tidy Two]
    6. Julian van Sonck & Eyedee – Live Play Fight Win (Red Sky Remix) [Beyond Perception]
    7. Darkwinder – Abandoned Beach [Aria Knights]
    8. Allen & Envy, Katty Heath – I Wasn’t The One (Cold Rush Remix) [How Trance Works]
    9. NX Trance – Last Report [Defcon]
    10. Steve DeKay – An Old Love (Steven Brooks Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
    11. Dreamy ft Claire Willis – Back To You (Angel Ace Remix) [Diverted]
    12. tranzLift – Neverending Love (Ellez Ria Refeel) [Diverted]
    13. Darkwinder – Solitary Walks [Aria Knights]
    14. Martin Libsen – Midnight Dreams (Hypaethrame Remix) [Airstorm]
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